Have you applied for mobile phone contracts and always get the same answer "we are sorry"? Have you searched for countless providers to approve your application but your credit score always come into play? Do you feel as if the whole mobile phone contract system is designed to make your life a living hell? If that’s the case, worry not as Faith Phones sympathizes with your frustrations and that is why we offer guaranteed mobile phone contracts to our customers wherever they are located in the UK. As a trusted and leading mobile phone contract provider in the UK, we constantly come up with new products and deals to ensure that our customers get affordable contracts streamlined to meet their needs.

What we do

Faith Phones is not your ordinary kind of mobile phone contracts provider. We don’t just talk on end but have indeed put in place mechanisms designed to ensure that you enjoy the best guaranteed mobile phone contracts. Yes, you read right. We offer guaranteed mobile phone contracts to our customers without subjecting them to credit checks. We are cognizant of the fact that most people across the UK have been denied approval for mobile phone contracts simply because their credit report is not in good state. At Faith Phones, we welcome all people with bad credit and who have been rejected before to come and sample our amazing and outstanding guaranteed mobile phone contracts. We have various plans for our customers and therefore we can say with finality that you can never miss a plan that appeals. We have a dedicated staff that explains to your our plans in the simplest language possible to ensure that you make an informed decision and that you are happy with the contract you settle for.

Our mission

As a leading provider across the UK, our core objective or mission is to ensure that we help as many people as possible with a poor credit rating to get approved. We understand and share in the pain of people who have been routinely rejected when applying for mobile phone contracts and that is why we came up with a guaranteed mobile phone contract. What this simply means is that an application for a mobile phone contract with us is always assured irrespective of how bad your credit score is. We believe in providing our customers affordable deals and this can be easily ascertained when you visit affordablephone.uk. From that site you can find valuable information on our different contract plans, information on bad credit mobile contracts as well as the contract periods we require you to be committed.


Faith Phones is not in the business of turning down applications for mobile phone contracts. We do not care about the status of your credit report and that is why we offer guaranteed mobile phone contracts. We can promise you that your application can never be denied or rejected on the basis of your credit score. The only time your application can be rejected is if you fail to provide the necessary information and not on the basis of your credit rating. Our approval process is done in record time and you can be assured of getting your approval with 24 hours. It all boils down to the accuracy of the information you provide us with.

Why choose us?