1) Am I guaranteed of an approval for a mobile phone contract even if I have a poor credit rating?

- Faith Phones does not in any way turn down your application based on your credit rating. We offer guaranteed mobile phone contracts to everyone and what this basically means is that your credit score does not have any impact on your approval process. So yes, you are guaranteed of an approval when you apply for a mobile phone contract with us.

2) How long does the approval take when I make an application for a mobile phone contract?

- At Faith Phones, we believe in our providing our customers with the best experience. Faster approval is one of the things we are best known for and as such you can be assured of getting your mobile phone within 24 hours or 48 hours in the latest.

3) Do I have to make an upfront payment or what is your policy on that?

- The guaranteed mobile phone contracts we offer require that you pay a small upfront payment. This is not in any way a means of deterring you but a show of your commitment and also for us to mitigate our risks considering that we do not carry out any credit checks. We assure you that your upfront payment will be refunded to you at the expiry of your contract together with interest provided that your account is in a good standing.

4) What kinds of handsets are available for me to choose from?

- Faith Phones understands that not all people can have the same tastes or preferences and this is why we have availed many different types of handsets in an attempt to ensure that we satisfy all the needs of our customers. You can choose an HTC phone, A Samsung galaxy phone, a blackberry, a Moto G, an LG phone, a HTC phone, Windows phone, iPhone or any other kind of phone you yearn for.

5) What's the difference between a brand new phone contract and a refurbished phone?

- Basically, there is no huge difference other than the fact that one involves a brand new phone while the other involves a second hand. The major difference is in the cost. Brand new phone contracts tend to cost a bit higher than the refurbished phones contract. Again, we have put these options to help people who might be having a limited budget.

6) How free am I to choose the kind of deal I want?

- You are very free to choose a guaranteed mobile phone plan of your choice. Ours is simply to advice you but the ultimate decision on the kind of plan is dependent on your tastes and preferences as well as your budget.

7) What networks do you offer guaranteed mobile phone contracts on?

- Faith Phones believes in offering a choice for our customers and that is why we have collaborated with a number of network providers across the UK to ensure that you get a contract in the network of your choice. You therefore do not need to change your number as you can always find a contract in your own network.

8) Any special offers or discounts you provide customers?

- As a way of showing our customers that we value them, we run promotions every now and then in which they can win an Xbox, a television, a discounted plan and many more. We believe that our customers are the reason for our success.

9) How long can I be committed to a contract?

- For guaranteed mobile phone contracts, we require that you be committed for at least 18 months. However, you can choose to be committed to 36 months if you wish. The advantage of being committed for a long time is that you end up paying lower monthly fees.