Mentioned the word “guaranteed mobile phone contract” and you are likely to catch the attention of people who have routinely been rejected as a result of their poor credit rating. The popularity of guaranteed mobile phone contracts across the UK and by extension across the globe is not in doubt. People who in the olden days could not be approved for a mobile phone contract can now breathe a sigh of relief. They are contented in the knowledge that they no longer have to feel frustrated every time they think of applying for a mobile phone contract.

How to get the best guaranteed phone contracts is something that people who are applying for such contracts for the first time grapple with. In light of this, we are going to look at a number of ways in which you can ensure that you get the best guaranteed mobile phone contracts.

• Compare different providers

Entering into a contract with the first provider you come into contact with does not in any way assure you of the best deal. The best way to approach the whole process is to compare a number of providers based on how credible they are; the attractiveness of their plans, the perks they offer and so on and so forth. Comparison sites are the best when it comes to getting information about different providers in one place. You can then choose a contract provider whom you feel offers the best deal in tandem with your needs.

• Read the fine print

The cardinal sin that most people make is to enter into a contact without understanding the specifics of a contract. The end result is disappointments and getting the short end of the carrot stick. Phony providers tend to apply hidden charges and hence the need to read the fine print with the accuracy of a tooth comb. Understand your obligations as a customer, the fees you are supposed to pay throughout the contract and many other things that might affect you.

• Ask around from friends

If you are applying for a guaranteed mobile phone contract for the first time, it’s always important to seek recommendations from friends, colleagues or even family members. You can’t miss at least one person who has been in business with a guarantee mobile phones contract provider who will give you a sneak peek on how they operate. They can also recommend you to a provider based on their experiences with them. The bottom line is that you should never enter into a contract with a provider blindly.

• Negotiate for a better deal

Negotiations are part of a contract and therefore it would be unfortunate if you accepted what has been put on the table without trying to get your provider to give you a better deal. Do research and use the facts you have to get a better deal for yourself. After all, it’s better to try and fail than never to try at all.