The allure of guaranteed acceptance is what has made guaranteed mobile phone contracts tick with a large population of UK citizens who have bad credit. Being rejected of course has never been a pleasant thing. Being treated as though a person is a second class citizen is a cloud that has hang over the head of people with bad credit over the years.

However, this became a distant memory with the introduction of guaranteed mobile phone contracts. People who had a history of CJJs, defaults or whose credit score was very low could now apply and get approved for a mobile phone contract. In fact, it’s correct to say that guaranteed mobile phone contracts have revolutionized the mobile phone industry for the better. So what makes guaranteed mobile phone contracts popular with so many people in the UK?

• No credit checks are performed

Initially, people with bad credit dreaded the thought of credit checks whenever they applied for a mobile phone contract. However, guaranteed mobile phone contracts wiped off all those fears with a no credit check policy. All that a person needed to do was approach a provider, announce his/her intention, apply and get approved. Isn’t that just amazing? The fact that you could apply for a mobile phone contract without having to worry about your credit score is what has made the popularity of guaranteed contracts hit the roof.

• Guarantee of being approved

Yes. You heard me right! You have the confidence that you will be approved without hearing the all too familiar phrase of “we are sorry but.” Irrespective of your credit score or how bad your report maybe, guaranteed contracts give you the “guarantee” that you will be approved irrespective of how bad your credit rating is. With guaranteed contracts, it’s no longer a question of “if” but rather a question of “when”!

• Option to upgrade

There are those who think that applying for a guaranteed mobile phone contract is an end to itself. Am sorry to disappoint you but guaranteed mobile phone contracts are a means to an end. If you feel like you want a better contract in the foreseeable future, you can always ask for an upgrade a few months down the line if you prove to be reliable and diligent in making payments. You can always argue your case and your provider can grant you an upgrade if they check your record and see that you haven’t been defaulting.

• Guaranteed contracts are instrumental in rebuilding a credit report

How you may ask? The truth of the matter is that defaults are the reasons many people have a poor credit score. What happens when you apply for these contracts and pay on time without defaulting? It will without a doubt reflect on your credit report and by extension make it better with time. There are even those people who resort to taking guaranteed mobile phone contracts with the sole aim of jumpstarting or building their credit score from scratch. In light of the above, guaranteed mobile phone contracts have become very popular!